Step into the human brain and discover what makes us unique at the cellular level at ‘Life of a Neuron’

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Step into the human brain and discover what makes us unique at the cellular level. Experience the next dimension of storytelling while exploring how the brain shapes the universal human experience.

Life of a Neuron at ARTECHOUSE NYC brings together decades of neuroscience data and research to create a cellular level journey through the human brain. Created by ARTECHOUSE Studio in partnership with Society for Neuroscience (SfN), this exhibition is the result of three years of ardent collaboration and research and reveals the story of a universal human experience — the story of ourselves.

Visitors will walk into an unprecedented, real-life 3D model of a human prefrontal cortex neuron — the “thinking cell” of the brain — and see it grow from birth through death.

In addition to the Immersion Gallery installation, you can explore other technology-driven interactive artworks that cover vision, stress, addiction, and neural connectivity all at the cellular level.


  • Sessions are every 30 minutes and last for 60 minutes
  • Open from 10am – 10pm. Last session begins at 9pm.
  • Admission starts at $25. Children (4-15) from $17.
  • We strongly recommend purchasing tickets online ahead of time
  • ARTECHOUSE is a fully-accessible space
  • For full visitor information click here

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09/09/2022 10:00 am
09/09/2022 10:00 pm